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last night we finally got to do martial arts at 5am at the cast party for macb. I don't even know how to describe last night. It was so funny. SO funny.

And if anyone wants to see a comedy: rent the movie SAW. Um, because (hehe) it is supposed to be utterly creepers and scary- but in fact it is majorly funny too. In a bad script/bad actor way.

How could I have forgotten the amazingness of the Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack????
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May 1 2005, 18:05:29 UTC 11 years ago

Is "laundrey" french for laundry?
no. i am adding to my list

10. learn to spell
i quite like the change you made on your livejournal design. when did you change it?
and good luck on your english AP exam demain~
I changed it aujourd'hui- thank you! i am glad you like.

yes yes, i will hope for the best of luck tomorrow- thank you ----- its nothing compared to this history... I have gotten up to the causes of the american revolution. PAH.